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I bet you can tell I’m a woman,” she said, “and I suspect the rest of the world can, too.”

She said she was all too aware that if she was selected, she would represent several hundred male athletes in the NBA; she would deal with league officials and agents who were nearly all men; she would negotiate with team owners who were almost all men; and she would stand before reporters who were predominantly men.

She did not flinch. “My past,” she told the room, “is littered with the bones of men who were foolish enough to think I was someone they could sleep on.

Michele Roberts, the new head of the NBA Player’s Union (via emilyisobsessed)


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Here are some introduction comics I did back in 2012; they still serve pretty well as an introduction to new readers.

I’ll be posting new strips next week, so please tell your friends and online compatriots!

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classwithblack asked: EDD: what are some techniques you use to teach your elective classes? Seems they are different than "regular" classes.


The fundamental difference in the classes is the student-role. My English classes are definitely student-centered and collaborative, but my yearbook class is largely student-led. Here’s how I make that happen:

I tell my yearbook classes that the editor in chief is the boss and I’m just the bouncer.

The editor leads games and discussions at the beginning of the year. I am there to ensure everyone listens/participates and to answer questions if needed.

When I do lead lessons/activities, they are largely about the content and skills (design basics, media law, etc) - not about making decisions about the book.

My role is to support and guide. I am a resource.

And I call lazy, uncooperative, or antagonistic kids out on their behavior.

I enjoy running the class this way because my class is a career tech ed class in which the kids are supposed to be learning work skills. And even if they aren’t excited about yearbook, they realize the value in workplace skills. It’s setting everyone up for success after high school, which is something a genuinely believe is important.

I really wish I could have run my yearbook like this last year if I didn’t have two kids and the class was only one semester long.